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      19 products

      Taking a bath, swimming in the pool or enjoying the softness of the beach during the summer is always a moment of pure pleasure for many people. These are wonderful moments, which offer the opportunity to have fun with your loved ones. However, in order to enjoy these wonderful moments, it is important to be well equipped. To do this, the poncho towel is the best solution, to wrap up after his exit of bath. But what is its role? When and why should it be used?

      There are many reasons why you should choose a poncho towel! It is a much more practical and fun accessory to wear than a towel, you just have to put it on and let it do the rest of the work! It can be similar to a bathrobe, allowing you to immediately go back to doing what you were doing when you got out of the water. It is a very famous accessory that is mostly worn on the beach where it will allow you to change in complete privacy. It is also suitable for showering at home for comfort as it allows you to have a great freedom of movement. Much lighter than a beach towel, it slips easily into a bag or suitcase to go on holiday, you understood, no more towels and bathrobes!

      The role of the poncho towel

      It is very much used by men, women and children alike to keep dry after a good swim. It is indeed a long, thick and warm terry cloth drying accessory that goes down to the knee to bring you the best. It is used for most of the time instead of the classic shower towel which does not allow to accomplish its role passively.

      Completely immersed inside the poncho, it is much easier and more convenient to get rid of water and sand from the beach. The use of the poncho towel is a good solution, because it plays several different roles on its own and has a maximum of advantages that everyone will love. Let's take a look at the different roles this accessory plays:

      Quick drying

      This is the very first function of the swim poncho. Designed with a terry cloth and ultra-absorbent, it ensures the quick and instant drying of the body of the person who uses it and all this, with a softness and warmth without name. Given the importance of this role, it will become one of the accessories that you will use the most during the whole summer period and for all your outings to the beach or the pool.

      With the poncho towel, there is no need to wriggle around or wait for long minutes to finally dry off, at the risk of catching a cold. You can simply put it on and go about your business without worrying about your well-being. For those who are reluctant to get wet, now is the time to jump into the water! You will no longer have the apprehension of the cold after your bath for your outings at the pool, the beach or even at home! Some would even use it as pyjamas!

      Protection against the cold

      Always thanks to its great absorption capacity, it will protect you against shivering caused by the cold and will dry you in a snap. Without thinking about it, you will already have gotten rid of all the drops and will be dry from head to toe with a hood that will not fail to pamper your hair by keeping it warm and protected from the wind.

      The huge catalogue of poncho towel that we try to update as often as possible will make your life easier. You will not have to worry about towels that are lying around too often.

      The spare facilitation

      Not that the towel isn't comfortable, but the bath ponchos we sell generally offer more lasting comfort. In addition to drying you off and providing warmth to keep you from catching a cold, it's the best solution for changing after your swim session.

      By using one of our swim ponchos, you make the choice of not going to a change room or hiding to put on or take off your clothes. You can be sure that no one but you will see your privacy without the risk of your towel slipping or dragging on the floor. You will be able to remove your swimsuit in complete freedom and safety.

      The model of poncho towel which it is necessary to choose

      We pay particular attention to the production of our bathing ponchos, the overwhelming majority of our products are made from microfiber fabric in order to guarantee the softness and comfort that you are looking for in this type of poncho. Their ultra-absorbent material allows them to dry you in no time from head to toe, because our ponchos are equipped with a hood.

      At Poncho-Boutique, we have thought of all the details and this can be felt through our different models presented in our catalog. After a swim, especially in cool weather, it is important to protect your health and to do this, you must adopt a model of poncho towel, which corresponds to you and protects you as it should.

      You have in our catalog, a wide choice of models of poncho towel, that you will choose according to your tastes and your expectations. Our models are light and adaptable to all seasons. However, in order to make the best choice, refer to the important characteristics of this bathing accessory which has many advantages:

      The comfort it offers

      The primary purpose of our poncho towel is to provide comfort in their use. They are big enough to dry you off, protect you from the cold and humidity in a cozy cocoon. At no level of use, you will not be embarrassed to use it by bringing quality and design. Moreover, you will be able to put it on and take it off easily with a snap of your fingers and enjoy an unmatched freedom of movement. It is the perfect accessory for swimmers, surfers and water sports enthusiasts as it combines practicality and benefits in their practice.

      Its size

      Poncho-Boutique offers you one-size-fits-all towel ponchos that will suit everyone! If you are looking for a poncho for a teenager, you can find it in the adult towel poncho collection. For the little ones, you will be able to discover the different models on our collection of kids poncho towel with cute and childish illustrations, which will make the whole family smile!