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      48 products

      48 products

      The Poncho-Boutique team is proud to offer a wide range of products that we are constantly looking to improve and grow. Seeking out new items to enable you to widen your choice of products and find those that suit you perfectly.

      We also try to develop ranges for all sizes and budgets from our suppliers and are very fussy about the quality of our ponchos and their finishes. In this vision, we always try to offer you the best and have as a mission to accompany you throughout your visit to make it as pleasant as possible. The wide variety of womens ponchos that we offer through our collection will allow you to dress for all occasions and all seasons.

      Discovering the womens poncho

      Existing since the 70's, the poncho has made its comeback in the world of fashion, for a few seasons now, to the great delight of fashion houses, which have revisited it. Everyone, including women, have now adopted it for its simplicity. The poncho is used just like the traditional shawl, by many fashionistas. Thus, to protect oneself properly from the coolness and to keep warm with style, it became a great reference on the catwalks, but also for the general public.

      A modernized accessory

      The origins of the poncho go back many years, when the Amerindians used it to protect themselves from the cold and bad weather, while making movements easier thanks to the loose fit of the garment. It was handmade and simple to make because it did not require large seams. With the time, it became an ethnic fashion accessory and unavoidable in the fashion world. Women have adopted it today, to bring a plus to their style. It is to accompany them and allow them to adopt a retro style, while being trendy, that Poncho-Boutique offers a large collection composed of many varied articles.

      A varied choice of ponchos

      Available in different materials and cuts, you will find a varied choice of our favorite fashion accessory with many finishes all the more dazzling than the others. You will have the possibility of finding a unique garment according to your desires. You will discover that there are many aesthetic collars that will improve your comfort by giving a singular and distinguished look. We can mention the turtleneck of course, but also the round collar, scooped, asymmetrical, decorated with fur or of course the V-neck. You will thus have all the weapons in order to emphasize the neck and face by bringing the desired touch. It is the same for the borders of the dress which remain an essential point to develop, because they attract the eye. You will have a huge choice between flat edges, bordered with voluminous fur, decorated with fringes or with tassels.

      Ladies poncho for all body types

      Super trendy, they appear in all women's wardrobes. Very versatile, they are suitable for all styles and all body types and are very easy to wear. Its colours and patterns are numerous and varied which allows them to be worn with T-shirts, sweaters or shirts. You will find checkered, striped, floral and many other patterns. The numerous cuts will allow you to accentuate the slimness of a silhouette or to hide some curves by adopting all categories of styles.

      The bohemian style

      Reflects a true state of mind, cool, comfortable, free and relaxed. The charm of this style lies in its freedom while being very seductive. It is not just a fashion trend, it is a culture in itself, a culture with a very specific ideology and a complicated history. Although the bohemian style is closely related to the hippie fashion of the 60s and 70s, it is now part of the mainstream culture. Bohemian was originally a counterculture in the 19ᵉ century.

      Nowadays, a variety of Boho clothing and accessories make it a phenomenon. Its loose clothing, casual accessories and messy elements easily follow fashion trends. The ideology behind it: an alternative to the traditional way of dressing, coupled with an equally alternative, freer lifestyle and a social stand against everything from materialism to social restraint.

      To embrace it, there are a few iconic pieces worthy of favor. Elephant leg trousers are obviously a staple, but they can be replaced with slightly more modern versions, such as boot cutoffs or flared jeans. It can be worn with high heels instead of wedges, which will have the advantage of slimming the legs and lengthening the contours. To enhance these high-waisted trousers, we pair them with floral shirts that are tucked in or tied. Tops with beading and embroidery are also welcome. Bohemian style long skirts are also a staple of this style. We choose them to be abundant, wispy and airy, but also romantic and casual. The pattern is floral, ethnic, Mexican, Indian ... and covers the whole fabric. Everything to adopt a good retro style ! Skirts and petticoats are also ideal, as are jean shorts.

      How to create your own style with the women's ponchos and capes? This is a very easy question to answer. The first thing to remember is that the poncho is convenient to match with your wardrobe and adds energetic value to your style. It is a simple garment to put on and match with any outfit to create a more comfortable and slightly different look. For example, you can wear it over a shirt and slacks or skinny jeans to change your color look. Embracing the poncho is the best way to change up an outfit you've worn many times with a personalized touch.

      When and how to wear a girls poncho?

      The poncho is an accessory that is becoming more and more popular due to its beauty and lightness, greatly appreciated for its ability to enhance all silhouettes. We advise you to often associate it with slim jeans, trousers or a skirt, preferably short, in order to achieve a nice offsetting effect with the poncho, which is wider and more voluminous. Attention, it is still important to note that this may vary depending on the model you wear and the style of dress you prefer to wear on a daily basis.

      Whatever your taste in fashion, the capes ponchos can easily be adapted to your favourite style! For a casual look, classic jeans and t-shirts will do just fine. You can play up the volume and fullness of the garments with a pair of slim trousers or a pencil skirt with slim boots to complement. For a harmonious and chic contrast, you can combine your poncho with heels to slim down the bottom part of your outfit and give a very feminine look, especially if you opt for a fur poncho. Bohemian style, dare to marry the shawl with a fuzzy dress with why not, flower patterns for a warm and cheerful look.

      However, some associations are not recommended. For example, it is not advisable to wear a voluminous top, rather keep the effect of contrast in volumes to have a balanced appearance.

      You'll appreciate the warmth, softness and comfort of this great accessory when the temperatures start to drop. A turtleneck poncho may well warm you up while effectively protecting your neck and nape from the chilly breeze. Therefore, fall, spring and early winter are ideal times to adopt it. You can be tempted by an openwork poncho and therefore light to bring an extra touch to your style when the temperatures rise without fear of sweating. To conclude, the poncho will be a formidable stylistic weapon that will complete your seasonal outfit no matter your morphology and your taste in fashion!