Adult towel poncho

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      10 products

      After a good swim at the beach or pool, we usually have only one desire: to take refuge in a warm place. An adult towel poncho will do the trick! If you're still not sure what it's for, we'll explain it here!

      What is the purpose of the adult towel poncho?

      Frequently used by windsurfers, surfers and water sports enthusiasts, the poncho allows you to dry off after getting out of the water in comfort and convenience. An essential accessory for wrapping up gently as soon as you get out of the water, it allows you to dry yourself thoroughly while ensuring optimal warmth. After a relaxing bath, this accessory allows you to wrap yourself gently in a high quality fabric with ultra-absorbent properties accompanied by its hood for the greatest pleasure of your hair. Its shape allows you to leave your hands free, giving excellent mobility to your arms and legs, without causing unpleasant and aggressive friction to the skin.

      Better than a towel!

      The towel is an accessory that everyone knows and appreciates when relaxing at the pool, beach or in the bath. It allows you to dry yourself, brings warmth and comfort that lasts only a moment. But with the adult towel poncho, it's the opposite! With it, you have your own portable spare cabin. After getting out of the water, just put it on and feel like a warm cocoon. It allows you to get out of sight and keep your privacy when you want to remove your swimsuit. It also allows you to enjoy a quick drying, both soft and warm, after a swim or a session of water activity. It provides many benefits that a simple towel will never give you. Instead of having to fold and wrap the towel around your chest or waist, just put it on and you're done. It allows you to keep your hands free and dry yourself at the same time without the risk of dropping your towel. With it, you can allow yourself to be occupied other than drying by letting it do the work with its hood taking care of the best for your hair.

      Essential accessory for water sports enthusiasts

      If you like surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming, beach or sauna, you need a practical spare accessory. When practicing a water sport, you have to face two difficult moments: changing discreetly before jumping into the water and removing your wet suit discreetly without getting too cold once the session is over. A beach towel, for example, falls off when it is too small and exposes nudity. Too big, it drags on the ground and is not dedicated to changing and lacks ergonomics. With the adult towel poncho, you opt for simplicity and comfort without the effort!

      Versatile, all uses are possible

      Whether at the beach, the pool or even at home, you will appreciate the advantages listed in a daily use of this accessory that makes your life easier. Very useful at home once the shower is over, it will quickly become an alternative to the usual pyjamas or bathrobe. The luxury of drying yourself without doing anything from head to toe is now possible!

      Hidden under the adult towel poncho, you can change easily and quickly, without having to move around, by holding your towel in one hand and your pants in the other. A practical accessory, it is also useful at home and acts as a pyjama pajamas.