Surf poncho


      For a few years, the surf poncho has not ceased to make speak about him in positive. Men, women, children, everyone finds its account. It easily finds a place in the dressing room and especially in the pool or beach accessories. As practical in winter as in summer, it has many assets that you will be difficult to do without afterwards. Discover all you need to know about this accessory and how to choose it.

      Uses of the surf poncho

      The surf poncho is an essential beach towel that will soon be essential for the post-session. It allows you not to be cold when you get out of the water and to dry yourself in a few seconds. It far surpasses the traditional towels you used to have.

      Firstly, it offers protection against wind and cold from top to bottom, thanks to its hood on most models. Then, it brings a great serenity when you decide to change in all privacy, no more need to worry about the looks or a bad gust that would make your towel fly. It allows you to keep your hands free to get dressed or do other things.

      Whether you're into surfing, kitesurfing or any other water sport, you'll never go out on the water again without your poncho at hand! It is ideal for all sportsmen who need convenience and practicality, because it is very easy to carry and allows a quick drying which will save you precious time.

      How to choose your surf poncho ?

      For good moments of surfing or other activities in the water, it is essential to have all the necessary equipment and accessories to be able to live your passion fully. Thus, to dry yourself and change clothes without unwanted attention while staying warm after each session, you will need an appropriate accessory such as a surf poncho. But you still have to choose the right product if you want to enjoy all its advantages. That's why there are some important characteristics to take into account when selecting the right model.

      The material

      As you can imagine, not all models are designed the same way. Depending on the user's need, some keep you warm and others keep you light. For example, if you want to dry off quickly and get warm quickly, a terrycloth poncho is what meets that exact need.

      If you have a soft spot for anything soft or a sensitive skin then you should pay attention to the material that makes up your poncho, make sure it meets your expectations and makes it easy to wear every day.

      It is important to note that the vast majority of models are designed from microfiber fabric, a material known to be by far the best on the market in terms of absorption and comfort. It guarantees a very high quality product that you can keep for years.

      For a better choice, you should rely on your years of experience with regular towels or test several ponchos to decide what suits you best.

      The length

      The surf poncho is an accessory that allows its users to change and dry themselves comfortably. In order for this to be effective, the model must be big enough to cover you up to your knees or half your calves.

      If it is too small, it will not do its job optimally and will create a feeling of frustration. On the other hand, a poncho that is too long could be cumbersome and drag on the ground. It is therefore very important to choose a model that is suitable for your size. However, it is important to note that this type of poncho is made to be worn slightly oversized and especially not close to the body.

      The weight

      Another element to take into account during its choice is the weight for multiple reasons. It is important to take it into account because when you get out of the water, the more wet the poncho is due to its absorption, the heavier it becomes to wear.

      When you decide to go to the beach, you probably want to have an accessory that is small and light to carry for practicality reasons. So you'll need to balance the thickness, size and composition to optimize its weight.

      With or without sleeves?

      The surf poncho comes in two forms: with or without sleeves. The advantage of not having sleeves is that it offers a better freedom of movement when changing clothes or simply when moving. Practical, it allows you to change quickly by skipping a step. The absence of sleeves also means less material and therefore less weight.

      On the other hand, a model with sleeves allows you to have better control of your poncho by having it closer to your body thanks to the sleeves. Even if the difference is minimal, it also allows you to keep warm by avoiding the poncho to be too open on the sides and let the wind pass.

      To conclude, the difference between the two is very small and does not represent a major element in the choice of its model. It is a matter of detail, but it can help you to choose between several ponchos that you had in mind.

      With or without hood?

      When the poncho has a hood, you have the possibility to protect and dry your head. Very practical to avoid getting sick with the wind and the cold that you can be victim when you get out of the water.

      However, if you are not the cold type, then the hood will only be an extra weight that will weigh you down more than it will serve you. The choice is therefore based on individual preferences, but opting for the hood is a choice for safety.